Ksenia Sapunkova
Visual storyteller, illustrator


Visual storyteller, illustrator

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About Me

Ksenia Sapunkova aka Skasia is illustrator and photographer.
Born in Ukraine, Lviv.
2008 Graduated Art college in Lviv (Ukraine).
2006-2008 Working in ceramic studio, Ukraine.
Participated in several group exhibitions in Ukraine, Poland and Russia.
2008-present Working at "Valentino's Icon studio", Canada and Illustrating children books.
2009-illustrated child book in Cuba, Matanzas.
2010-2014-study illustration an Sheridan college.

Drawing the wind

She was drinking her aquarelle, while wind was playing spellbind melody on her vertebrarium with a bow, reading notes from her heel of hand. Her heart is beating in lullaby with butterfly's songs.
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